For four decades, Al Hilal has been in the forefront of the Printing and Document Solutions industry.

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Operational Excellence

With top notch production facilities, which provide the latest possibilities in printing design, security
and quality control. The focus on quality ensures the lowest rejection rate for orders, and high marks
from users of our products. The strength of the production procedures has been a contributor to the
stellar financial health and viability of Al Hilal.

Product Innovation

Al Hilal has balanced its financial well being, with timely capital spending on innovative solutions, well ahead of
competitors. If a product will become the norm in the business, chances are Al Hilal will have already invested in
this capability. Often times, our introduction of new methods has set the pace in the industry.

Customer Relationship

An often overlooked aspect in the printing and document management business,
listening to customers, and executing within their own strategic line, is a natural
path here at Al Hilal.

Al Hilal Electronic Printing Company

Al Hilal Electronic Printing Co. Ltd is a 100% Saudi owned Limited Liability Company, Founded in 1975, the Company began ascertaining itself as a serious provider of printed products to financial institutions, utilities, hospitals and governments.

Since then Al Hilal has followed the trend of the market evolving around the Security printing of cheques and cheque books, and providing added value products around the Document Management Solutions, such as Print and Mail of digitally generated documents for the Financial institutions, Utility Companies, and Telecom Operators.

Our awareness about the importance of the SIM cards applications for the telecommunication market, the financial and the ID markets, along with our representation of 2 big global German players in this area: BÖwe Systec and Atlantic Zeiser, allowed us to provide successful solutions for The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) evolving around the Chip technology and its GSM applications.

Our Head Office and the Factory Located in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, we cover the major markets of the country by supplying our products and services to the Eastern, Central and Western provinces through 3 major Branches located in Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah. An addition to the family was the newly located office in Bahrain for supplying Bahrain with our products and services.


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