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Mailroom Solutions of Al Hilal

The mailing solutions were offered in the Saudi Arabian market since 1982, when Al Hilal sold its first Mail Inserting machines Manufactured by Böwe Systec GmbH to Banque Saudi Fransi, the reliability of the machines and the success of our local technical support led most of the Saudi banks to acquire our mail inserting equipment, including the Telecom business who namely are Saudi Telecom Company STC, Zain, and PTC. Please look at our customer’s ref. list

Al Hilal alliance with Böwe Systec GmbH of Germany, resulted in developing the biggest market of mail inserting equipment for this company in the EMEA region, which is the Saudi Arabian market, where more than 40 systems from Bowe Systec are installed and operating

Smart Cards Personalization Solutions from Al Hilal

The smart cards personalization solutions were offered since 1996 in the Saudi Arabian Market by Orga Systems, we represented this company since 2001 for their applications in the SIM cards personalization. In that year 4 GSM High Performance Personalization Systems-HPPS manufactured by Orga with the configuration to personalize GSM cards were purchased by STC for the electrical personalization of the chip and the laser engraving of the ICCID on the back side of the cards, the speed of each machine was at 2,500 cards per hour.

Later in 2005 another set of 2 x HPPS machines were supplied for the GSM cards personalization application, where all the data of the cards will be laser engraved on the backside along with a barcode at the speed of 3,000 cards per hour, and the 4 existing HPPS were upgraded to perform the same personalization features.

The enveloping of the cards is done after the personalization, 3 fully automated systems of SIM cards enveloping machines manufactured by Böwe Systec and operating at the speed of 4,000 cards per hour per machine were supplied also in 2001, the machine attaches 1 or more SIM card on a carrier. This process is executed according to the following automated sequence in one complete production line:

The Personalization Management Platform PMP software and proprietary servers, were also supplied in 2001 by Orga to monitor and track the full operation of personalization and packaging of the GSM cards, providing a unique record of each individual SIM card, reflecting all the processes underwent by the card from the virgin stock until the box level of the personalized cards (finished goods), including its location in the box and later at any distribution point.

In 2005 the PMP was upgraded to its latest version of the same year, to increase the processing speed, to operate command and monitor the additional 6 machines, and the old machines with the highest possible availability, storage and redundancy along with high reporting functionalities.

4 more PCPS systems were supplied in 2005 to perform a different packaging of the GSM cards after their personalization, with same packaging workflow at the speed of 4,000 cards per hour.

The Cards personalization technology including the HPPS and the PMP was later acquired by Atlantic Zeiser in 2009 when they developed the newest version of the HPPS called the AZ-Alpha2, characterized by its high speed of up to 6,000 GSM cards per hour with laser engraving on the front and backside of the cards.

Also the PMP was enhanced to match the newest technology in computer hardware, security, high availability, redundancy, and data recovery.

Card Mailing

Standard Online system with inserter VARIO for inserting plastic cards inside envelopes
Document : Cut sheets
Card:1 - 4 cards
Assembling: Multiple sheets with multiple cards
Inserting:Envelopes sizes DL or B5 2-12 enclosure feeders

Selective envelopes sorting
Application: e.g. Driver License , ID-Cards, Telecom Cards, Gift Cards

Application Variety

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